Economy ECU Remapping Solutions in Worcester, Birmingham, Gloucester & Cheltenham – Making ‘Money-Saving on Fuel’ a Reality.

Many years ago diesel was seen as the fuel for tractors and trucks only. However with the advances in diesel tuning & diesel engine technology this has changed and many diesel engine cars outperform their petrol engine equivalents.

Economy Remapping or Economy ECU Remapping is suitable for most vehicles. For obvious reasons, diesel vehicles always benefit a lot more from economy ecu remapping than petrol vehicles. Layton Remaps offer remap solutions on the following:

  • ECU Remapping Economy for Normal Cars
  • ECU Tuning Economy for Vans
  • ECU Remapping Economy for Lorries
  • ECU Tuning Economy for Trucks
  • ECU Remapping Economy for HGV’s
  • ECU Tuning Economy for Motorbikes
  • ECU Remapping Economy for Tractors
  • ECU Tuning Economy for Agricultural Vehicles
  • ECU Remapping Economy for Plant Machinery

Layton Remapping’s customers have reported that their average gain in fuel efficiency after having Economy ECU Remapping is between 15-20% in mpg. So…what are you waiting for?

Benefits of Economy ECU Remapping & Economy Tuning In Worcester & Birmingam

Up until now remapping the ECU of your car for economy also meant degrading the performance. Not anymore. At Layton Remapping we can improve the fuel economy of your car as well as giving it more torque, power and drivability. These may sound like bold & unlikely claims but we can achieve this by removing the flat spots in the power delivery & maximising the efficiency by careful tuning of the amount of fuel delivered to the engine.

After remapping the ECU (diesel remapping) on a turbo diesel car you can expect the following improvements:

  • Improved Power Output
  • Improved Torque
  • Improved & Immediate Throttle Response
  • Flat Spots In Power Delivery Removed
  • Smoother Power Delivery
  • Safer Overtaking
  • Better Fuel Economy

As with all our other remapping services the economy remapping service comes with a money back guarantee, so if we do not achieve what we claim or you are not 100% satisfied we will return your car to standard and give you a full refund.

Just enter your cars registration number into our VRM system below to see what MPG savings you could be making on your veichle.

ECU Economy? What?

Layton Remapping has the best possible remap engineers who are expert analysts & remapping engineers. They are fully trained and authorised to carry out engine tuning solutions. We carry out all safety procedures before attempting to write any type of remap for a vehicle. In the ECU remap file, we adjust certain parameters that help the efficiency of the engine. These are:

– Pressure & Timing adjustment

– Fuel Pulse adjustment

– Turbo & Boost Pressure adjustment

Economy ECU Remapping…

Put simply, from all the possible factors, the main key to saving money on fuel & reducing your carbon footprint is down to the following:

Lower Revs with More Torque + Higher Gear = Increased MPG!