ECU Remapping & Chip Tuning In Worcester, Birmingham & Gloucester For Better Towing And MPG

Now not everyone has a set-up like the one we remapped over here, but there are plenty of Van, car and 4×4 owners in Worcester Malvern and throughout Worcestershire & West Midlands who either tow for business or for pleasure.

If you tow regularly, you know you need a vehicle which is powerful and torquey when you’re towing, but as economical as possible when you’re not. You may have a van or 4×4 which is great for towing, but would be even better if it did a few more MPG when you weren’t.

Your daily car might be great for your everyday use, but just lacks a little bit of ‘go’ when you’ve got your caravan or trailer on the back?

Layton Remaps ECU Remapping Is The Answer

What Does ECU Remapping & Chip Tuning Do To Help With Better Towing?

Layton Remaps can optimise the settings in the Engine Control Unit (ECU) which will change the way the engine performs, by removing the restrictions the manufacturers have placed on it (see our Economy Remapping page for a more detailed explanation).

These optimised settings increase the amount of power and torque the engine makes, and through careful tuning, we can also bring in the power and torque at lower rpm’s, which is usually where you need it for towing.

This makes gaining and maintaining momentum far easier on the engine, and significantly increases the driving pleasure, and makes your journey that little more relaxed.

Depending on which type and size of engine you have in your vehicle, gains of up to 35% in power and torque can be had from a Layton Remaps Worcester Better Towing ECU remap.

Will It Damage The Engine?

Because of the years of research and development, we know that the changes we make will not stretch the engine beyond the limits the manufactures have engineered into it. But to give you complete peace of mind, all of our Layton Remaps ECU remaps come with a written lifetime map warranty, and at least 12 month mechanical & electrical warranty. You can find out more on our Warranty page.

As well as our written warranty, you also get a 30 day money back guarantee, so that you get a chance to experience the difference for yourself, with no real risk. Because we keep a copy of your original setting on record, if you are not entirely happy with the improvements we will make, we can revert your vehicle back to how it was and refund your payment. No conditions. No terms. No B.S.!

Sounds Great, How Do I Get My Vehicle Remapped In Worcester, Brimingham & Gloucester?

The first thing we need to do is establish what can be done for your specific make, model, engine type & size. We need a few details which you can either give us by contacting us, or enter your veichles registrayion into our on site VRM to find your veichles potential. On occasions the Veichle Registrations number plate may not find your veichles details so just select it manually from the drop down list.